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日々是好日 Nichi nichi kore kounichi

日々是好日(にちにちこれこうにち) Nichi nichi kore kounichi Nichi nichi kore konichi   is a Chinese-Japanese Zen Buddhist proverb at least 1.100 years old which means "Every day is a good day", or "All days are good days". Some people are troubled by rain but some people are helped by rain. You say "today is a good day" or "today is a bad day" just judging if the day was convenient for you or not. In Zen world there is no bad day. Even though rainy day, even though painful day, every day should be a good day and an important day which makes your life. You should have power to change that hard day to a good day. Nichi nichi kore konichi   significa "cualquier día es un buen día". Es un verso que ha sido dicho por más de mil años dentro de las escuelas Zen. Hay días soleados y hay días lluviosos . Algunas personas tienen problemas por la lluvia y algunas personas son ayudadas por la lluvia . Tu dices "hoy es buen día" o &q